Year 1

Mrs Cornley

Year 1 teacher

Hello, I’m Mrs Cornley and I am so excited to be teaching Year 1 at King Street. I have been teaching for a long time and have taught from Reception to Year 5 and have absolutely loved every year group that I have been in. When I am not at work I love to spend time with my family and my dog. We love walking and exploring and generally being outside. I also like listening to music and dancing and so am looking forward to our music and movement sessions in Year 1. I am really looking forward to getting to know you and the children and we are going to have lots of fun learning new things. Our topics over the year will develop with the children’s interests, starting with thinking about themselves, their families and the local area, to finding out about the wider world. The children will also have opportunities to complete their own tasks and activities in the different areas of our classroom.

Mrs Gamsby

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Gamsby is the teaching assistant in Year 1. She enjoys walking with her dog and being outdoors. She also enjoys gardening and has helped us grow different types of plants during our Spring topic.

At King Street, we are developing an exciting, enquiry-based curriculum which is based around our pupils' interests.
We have developed a 'transition class' to help support pupils moving from the Early Years into Key Stage 1. Our aim is for our children to become motivated, creative, independent learners. Children have access to continuous provision all day every day, which includes a creative workshop, a small world and blocks area, construction area, reading area and an enquiry area. This allows them to follow their own interests and ideas alongside adult directed tasks, developing key skills from the National Curriculum. 
Summer Term
This term our topic is called Animal Adventures. We will be finding out about animals from Britain and across the world. We are going to be using our enquiry skills to find out about different types of animals - mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, insects, fish, carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. Once we have completed our research, we will be producing information texts and riddles about our chosen animals. 
Also in this topic, we will be exploring the rainforest, specifically focusing on the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. We will be finding out about life in Brazil and comparing it to our local area. As part of this study, we will be having out about the Rio de Janeiro carnival and designing our own masks and outfits. 
During this topic, some of the texts we will be reading include Meerkat Mail, Pongo, Monkey Puzzle and This Bear Belongs to Emily Brown.  
P.E and Outdoor Education 
During the Summer term, our P.E lesson will be on a Thursday afternoon. 
This term, we will be accessing exciting outdoor education opportunities with the Real Adventure Through Sport team. These sessions will help us develop our fine and gross motor skills, communication and social skills and it will be linked into our science topics about plants and animals. 
For these sessions, children need to wear appropriate clothing and footwear (which you don't mind getting a bit muddy). Also, they will need a coat or waterproof jacket, hat and gloves, a sun hat and sun cream depending on the weather. 
Phonics in Year 1 
At King Street, we follow the Letters and Sound guidance which is split into phases from 1 to 6 and has lots of engaging games and activities. In Year 1, we focus on activities from phase 3 -5. 
The Phonics Screening Test will take place during the week beginning Monday 10th June. During the test, the children read 40 words 1:1 with Mrs Kane. These words are a mixture of 20 real words and 20 nonsense or 'alien' words. The nonsense words check their ability to blend sounds into unfamiliar words. Reading real and nonsense words is a part of our daily phonics lessons, so it is an activity the children are familiar with. 

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