Kevin and Trevor - our guinea-pigs!

Thanks to Daniel from Tropical Supplies North East LTD, on Tuesday 29th January 2019 we welcomed two new members of our team!
Daniel has kindly donated two Guinea Pigs,  bedding and food.
We would be grateful if you could send old newspapers to school for us to use as bedding and any scraps of vegetables.
I know the children will gain a lot from our new friends.  They have had lots of cuddles so far!  We will let you know what our vet says about them in the next few weeks!
The children will be researching about them and creating a list of safe foods for them to eat.
Please note that during the cold weather, Kev and Trev will be safely enjoying the warmth of Miss Whitfield's kitchen each weekend.  
(Two very spoiled piggies and one very soft teacher! Haha!)
Hi, I am Trevor, but you can call me Trev.  I have smooth black fur.  I love cuddles, squeaking and vegetables. I like hearing stories that children read to me.
Hi, I am Kevin, but you can call me Kev.  I have black and ginger hair and it's all messy!  I love nibbling my hay and having cuddles.  I like to see the pictures that the children draw of me!

T. 01388 816 078