Sporting Events

St Charles Football League - September/October
Children from Year 5 and 6 took part in a local football league held at St Charles Primary School. Once again we were very successful, winning the league without loosing a game. 
A huge congratulations to our little football stars of the future. 
Spennymoor Leisure Center - Netball League November
Over the past three weeks, our netball team have been competing in our local netball league. Like our football stars of the future, our netball stars were also very successful, winning their league unbeaten. 
A huge congratulations to our netball stars of the future! 
Alun Armstrong Football Cup November
Once again our footballers were in action this week, this time indoors. Again, we were hugely successful, once again winning. Having fought our way through a  grueling league into a semi final and then thrilling final, we beat Coxhoe Primary 5-4!
A huge congratulations to our little football stars of the future. 

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