Year 2

Miss A. Tait

Class Teacher

Hello and welcome to Year Two. My name is Miss Tait and I have been teaching at King Street for 6 years. This term we are going to be Island Explorers and I can't wait to explore the world with my lovely new class. We have lots of learning to do!

Mrs T. Gamsby

Support Staff

I've been at King Street since 2009. I've worked in EYFS, Year 3, Year 6 and currently Year 2. I am looking forward to my Forest School Training, which starts this month, where I will learn to make camp fires and build dens. Can't wait!

Congratulations to Charlie R., one of the winners of the ESH group Safety Poster Competition. He designed a fantastic poster warning people to keep out of the building site. We all went to have a look at his winning poster and you can visit it too by heading down Wood Vue and listening for the sounds of the dinosaurs. Watch out- These diggers may bite!
Our island. (Shh!- It's a secret).
A huge thank you to Kara's grandma, who designed 30 of these Seat Sacks for our classroom. They have proved invaluable!
This year we are going to be Island Explorers! We will learn about the seven continents and the five oceans of the world and we may make some secret discoveries along the way...
I have heard that the children in this class love Science so if we find any hidden islands, it will be their job to observe and record the plants and wildlife we find. Start thinking now about which job you might like to have on our expedition. Will you be the flight pilot, or navigator, the explorer, the scientist, the doctor or the cook on our journey? Who else might we need to take with us around the world?
Don't worry Mums and Dads, we'll be back by Christmas...
We have been learning about habitats in Year Two. Have a look at the wonderful habitat boxes designed by the children and their grown- ups below. I wonder if we might find one of these habitats on the Island. I wonder what we will need to pack. (I hope we are going somewhere warm and not cold!) What will we need to take to survive if we are going to a Polar Region? What will we need to take if the Island is somewhere near the equator?  
Will we be able to grow our own food to survive on the Island?
We have been experimenting in Science. Ask your child to tell you about the growing stages and the parts of the plant.
We found out that seeds do not need soil or light to germinate because the seed has energy inside to help it first begin to crack open and begin to grow. The seeds only needed lots of water to begin the germination process. They will even germinate in a dark cupboard or in the dark ground in the soil!
But what happened to our cress when we failed to water it, and can a mature plant survive without water or soil? What else does a mature plant need to survive?
During Spring Term, we have started our Animals, Including Humans topic in Science. We are learning lots about the animal classes and how our bodies grow and develop. Recently, we had Guy the Bug Guy come into school and he brought some wonderful mini beasts with him. We learned so much and even asked him what kind of animals might live on our Secret Island. We are now prepared for anything we might find!
Well done to Esther for using her Emerald Power of Bravery. She was a little bit frightened at first but managed to muster her courage enough to stroke a tarantula's leg. You are braver than me Esther because I don't think I could have done it!
Did you all enjoy your three days in the snow? It reminded me of some poems we wrote a little while ago so I thought I would share them on here. Some of the poems are describing a frosty day on our playground and some of them are describing our island setting. I suppose you can read them first and then make up your mind where you would rather be right now! Well done to all of our poets.
(A big thank you to Sam Jackson from Scout.Ed for the lesson plan idea. We all really enjoyed exploring our frosty playground and using our outdoor environment to inspire our writing.)
A frosty day in Winter on our playground...
In the North I can see bare cinnamon spice branches whipping in the wind, 
In the East I can see half an English mist moon hanging in the pale bluejay air,
In the South I can see a fire lick sun blazing in the cold arctic sky,
In the West I can see Jack Frost blue ice glittering on the roof tops.
By Mia
In the North I can see shadow dream ice on the glittering ground,
In the East I can see half an antique pearl moon hanging from the sky,
In the South I can see a bitter lemon sun in the cold arctic sky,
In the West I can see a holly bush evergreen tree surviving through the Winter.
By Jacob and Bobby
In the North I can see antique pearl frost sparkling on the rooftops,
In the East I can see bare chestnut tree branches whipping in the wind,
In the South I can see pixie green withered leaves clinging to the evergreen bushes,
In the West I can see soft evergreen trees surviving through the Winter.
By Corey
We found our compass points by ourselves too using a compass. This is part of our learning in Geography to use simple compass directions and use directional language when describing routes on a map!
On the island...
In the North I can see a golden stone beach with sunflower symphony sand sparkling through my feet,
In the East I can see gentle rolling hills with old moss grass weaving in the air,
In the South I can see a blue mermaid lagoon with royal blue water rippling in the breeze,
In the West I can see a tall green palm tree with pixie green leaves swaying in the wind.
By Daisy
In the North I can see pixie green trees blowing in the wind,
In the East I can see a hot rumbling volcano with rose petal blooms of exploding lava!
In the South I can see blue shining water with royal blue ripples splashing calmly in the sunlight,
In the West I can see green gentle hills with old sage grass blowing in the wind.
By Max
In the North I can see a lush leafy tree with old penny brown branches weaving through the sky,
In the East I can see gentle rolling hills with pixie green grass whispering through the meadows,
In the South I can see a clear blue lake with sapphire stone water rippling in the sunlight,
In the West I can see green swishing leaves with pear skin branches dancing in the air.
By Charlie B.
So where would you rather be right now?
It's safe to say Year 2 have thoroughly enjoyed their outdoor education sessions this term (Spring 2018). We have tried fencing, archery, rope swinging, slacklining and more! We all have overcome fears and challenged ourselves to do things we thought we were too scared to do. I am so proud of how much resilience the children have shown and how they have grown in independence and confidence. I think you would all know how to survive on any secret island now and would be brave enough to achieve anything. You are amazing Year Two!  
One of our Spring Term topics has been 'Our World', learning all about the environment and protecting endangered species. We read a very thought- provoking story called 'The Journey Home' by Frann Preston- Gannon. Here is George's version of the opening of the story. We hope you enjoy reading it.

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