Year 2

This term we are going to be Island Explorers! We will learn about the seven continents and the five oceans of the world and we may make some secret discoveries along the way...
I have heard that the children in this class love Science so if we find any hidden islands, it will be their job to observe and record the plants and wildlife we find. Start thinking now about which job you might like to have on our expedition. Will you be the flight pilot, or navigator, the explorer, the scientist, the doctor or the cook on our journey? Who else might we need to take with us around the world?
Don't worry Mums and Dads, we'll be back by Christmas...

Miss A. Tait

Class Teacher

Hello and welcome to Year Two. My name is Miss Tait and I have been teaching at King Street for 6 years. This term we are going to be Island Explorers and I can't wait to explore the world with my lovely new class. We have lots of learning to do!

Mrs K. Wilson

Support Staff

Mrs K. Wilson is our support teacher in Year 2 but is currently being covered for by Mrs M. Bott.

T. 01388 816 078