Year 5

Miss Lloyd is our Year 5 teacher. This is her second year at King Street Primary School. She has been teaching since 2010 and is looking forward to an exciting and busy year with Year 5!
Miss Lloyd loves History and Art. She can't wait to get started with our new topic and find new and exciting ways to explore the curriculum.
We were delighted to have Mrs Cummings as our Year 5 Teaching Assistant.  Mrs Cummings loves to be creative in and out of school. We can't wait to have her input in Art and Design Technology.
White Rose activities:
Access to 5 activities weekly. These are the same as challenges the children access in class. Watch the online video lesson then you can view/download the worksheet and answers.
Sumdog (@sumdog) | Twitter
Please use SUMDOG regularly. I am setting weekly times table challenges and practise work that covers objectives from the Year 5 curriculum. Here I can see how the children are doing. Keep an eye out for next week's challenges and competitions.
• Ordering negative and positive numbers
• Reading and writing all numbers to a million
• Multiplying or dividing a number by 10, 100 and 1000
• Practise all multiplication facts!
• Round decimals to the nearest whole number (especially if they are calculating pocket money).
• Add and subtract numbers in the thousands
• Add fractions to make a whole (2/5 + ? = 1)
• Add decimals to make a whole ( 0.47 + ? = 1)
• Practise shape knowledge
• Recognise factors, multiples and prime numbers
Stay fit and healthy! Activities you could do with your child: If school is closed but your child does not need to selfisolate you may consider …. Some sort of physical activity. The Chief Medical Officers guidelines for young people is to be active for at least 60 minutes a day. Examples of moderate intensity activities include, walking, playing outside in a park, riding a scooter, cycling, ball games etc. Reduce the time spent sitting or lying down and break up long periods of not moving with some activity. Aim to spread activity throughout the day. All activities should make you breathe faster and feel warmer, above all make it fun and something the children enjoy.
Other activities you could do with your child:
Physical activity ideas from
Joe Wicks on Youtube is doing daily workouts for children
Comic Kids Yoga on Youtube
Useful websites (activities for KS1 and KS2 children) (activities for Ks1 and Ks2 children) 
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The Best French Apps for Learning French | Brainscape Blog
As another resource for home learning, we have managed to get free pupil access to the French website that we use in school. 
Children can log on from home using:
password: french2020
Please do not try to change the password, as it will stop anyone else using it.
School Closure Home Learning
We hope you are well during these uncertain times! 
Go to your E-schools account to see loads more activities and check for weekly work!
For extra activities, check out the new BBC Bitesize daily lessons!
Read as much as possible. Children can read their favourite books, talk about the plots, settings or characters, predict what they think will happen next, identify the different types of language used (verbs, adjectives) and discuss the underlying themes. They could also research a favourite subject. Whatever they read is great.
Amazon have made audio books free to children whilst schools remain closed. How about downloading our class text - Who Let the Gods Out? Children can listen on a phone, tablet or computer.
Don't forget to login to Fiction Express. Here I can see what the children have been reading and how they've done on the quizzes.
This week's book: My Cousin the Minotaur
Are you reading our class book using the links on eSchools?
Who Let the Gods Out? Who Let the Gods Out book 1: ...
Useful websites are:
Teach your monster to read (Reception- Y2)
BBC Bitesize (Reception-Y6)
British Library (Reception -Y6)
WordMania (An app for KS2)
Phonics Play (Reception – Year 2)
ICTGames (Reception - Y6)
Lovereading4kids (Reception-Y6)
Change for Life website (Reception-Y6)
Our topic
Our curriculum topic this term is 'Gods and Monsters.' We will be reading and analysing the story 'The Time Travelling Cat and the Egyptian Goddess' by Julia Jarman, as well as writing our own version of The Nian - The Monster of the Lunar New Year .
During History, we will find out about the what the Ancient Greeks did for us. Furthermore, in Geography, we will be continuing to work on our mapping skills by using Digimaps and we will look at exploring human and geographical features in the local area.
In Maths, we will begin to look at formal methods of multiplication and division. Times table knowledge is vital so please practise at home. 

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