Chinese New Year 20th - 31st January, 2020


Gong xi fa cai!
In our EYFS Unit we have been learning about Chinese New Year.  2020 is the year of the rat.  We read the story of how the twelve zodiac animals had a year named after them by having a great race.  We even discovered the animals we are based on our birthdays!
In our artist's studio we have tried our hand at Chinese symbols using brushes and paint, used our cutting skills to make lanterns and folded paper techniques to make fans and wriggly dragons.
We explored Chinese music and dancing.
We turned our home corner into a Chinese home with decorations and traditional Chinese dress.  We had a Chinese banquet where we tried lots of different foods and attempted to use chopsticks too!
Our Reception children performed an assembly to share their learning with the whole school and then handed out fortune cookies to everyone.  We have really had a fantastic fortnight learning more about the Chinese culture and their celebrations.