Earth Week - 19th April 2021


As Earth Day took place on the 22nd April, we decided to spend the week learning about how to become better global citizens!
We began by finding out where we fit into the world by looking at Google Earth.  We zoomed into The United Kingdom, England, County Durham, Spennymoor and finally, our school!  
This week we have learned about recycling, reducing our waste and re-using whatever we can.
We have looked at the amount of waste we create at snack time and how it could be turned into compost.  Reception helped to write a letter to our local DIY shop to ask if they would be willing to donate a compost bin.  We could then use the compost in our garden.  We will let you know if we get a reply!
We have tried building eco-houses in the blocks and air-propelled vehicles in the Mobilo.  We have learned about bees and planted bee-friendly seeds in the wildlife garden.  We saw the sea animals struggle to swim in our water tray because of plastic rubbish and used sieves to clean the water again.  We have limited our use of electricity in the classroom and the use of water outside!
On Earth Day, we asked the children to "Go Green!"  The children came dressed in something green, something recycled or dressed as an endangered animal!  We had a really fun day with lots of important messages.
At the end of the week, our children had a lot to say!
"We need to look after our world!'
"The animals need a safe place to live!"
"Worms love compost!"