Fun Science Facts for Kids


The human brain is over three times as big as the brain of other mammals that are of similar body size.

Your brain has around 100 billion nerve cells.

Your brain is more powerful, more complex and more clever than any computer ever built.

Did you know eating cheese at the end of a meal can help neutralise the acids in your mouth and reduce the chance of tooth decay.

An adult brain weighs three pounds.

The brain cannot feel pain.

Did you know that the chance of your fingerprint being the same as someone else’s fingerprint is 1 in 64 billion?

Did you know the technique of fingerprinting is known as dactyloscopy?


Grizzly bears can run up to 30 miles an hour!!

Polar bears have no natural enemies.

Polar bears actually have black skin!

Did you know a small patch of soil just 1 square metre in area can hold a billion living things.

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Did you know the smallest bone in the body is the stirrup, deep inside the ear, which is about the size of a grain of rice.

Humans have 206 bones!

The human foot has 26 bones.

The human hand ( including the wrist ) had 54 bones!

The smallest lightest bone of the human skeleton is the stapes found in the middle ear.


One teaspoon of good soil can contain several hundred million bacteria!! Imagine that!


Did you know water is the only natural substance to exist in three physical states at temperature naturally occurring on Earth?

Water freezes faster when it’s warm not cold!

The average human body is made of 50 to 65 percent water

There is more water in the atmosphere than in all of our rivers combined.


The Sun has a diameter os 1.39 million km and is on average 149.6 million km from Earth.

If you flew to the Sun from the moon in a normal plane it would take about 20 years!

1 millions Earths could fit inside the Sun! It’s huge!!

The Sun was formed from a huge cloud of dust and gas called a stellar nursery. Matter left over from the formation of the Sun formed the other planets and bodies in our solar system.

The Sun is a colossal ball of helium and hydrogen gas and is the heaviest body in our Solar System.

The immensely strong gravity of the Sun keeps objects in the solar system orbiting around it.

Some solar systems elsewhere in the universe have more than one Sun! Can you imagine a sky with 2 or 3 suns?

Our Sun is a yellow dwarf star.

Sun, moon and Earth Image