International Fortnight 2019


SMSC and Rights Respecting Events
A huge thank you to Miss Lloyd for organising International Fortnight 2019. This event was hugely successful and the children very much enjoyed learning about and celebrating the culture of their chosen country. They produced some beautiful work and the fortnight culminated with our International Summer Fair. Thank you to everyone who came along to support the event. 
Article 29- Education should encourage respect for our own and other cultures. 
We had a special introductory assembly where each class found out which country they would be studying by unwrapping a flag. It was very exciting waiting to unwrap and discover the flags!
Year Two found out about Australian Bush Tucker such as bush onions, bush turkeys and wangala lizards. We didn't fancy eating lizards however so we made Fairy Bread! (A sugary snack popular at children's parties). We've been learning about healthy eating recently too so we decided this was definitely just a once in a while treat!
At the end of the two weeks each class presented what they had learned at a special whole school assembly. 
Here are the children in EYFS showing us Bollywood dancing and rangoli patterns from India. They also sang and danced to an Elephant Song which was fantastic!
Year 1 taught us about some famous things from Brazil- footballers, chocolate, rainforests and carnival! We loved the colourful carnival masks you created Year 1. 
Year Two sang some traditional Australian folk songs, including Waltzing Matilda which has some interesting Australian words in it! Can you remember what they all mean?
Swagman- an itinerant worker
Billabong- lake
Waltzing Matilda- going walkabout
jumbuck-  a male sheep 
tucker bag-  food bag/ lunch box
Can you spot our stand- in jumbuck on the stage?
Year 3 learned all about Kenya and created some stunning safari sunset silhouette pictures. 
Year 4 told us lots of interesting facts about Canada and showed us examples of totem poles, traditional carving and weaving. 
Year Five danced a tarantella from Italy. This frenzied dance is very fast because it was believed that dancing madly was required to avoid death after a tarantula bite. Year Five also enjoyed making pizza, writing travel brochures for Italy, painting the Sistine Chapel underneath their desks just as Michelangelo would have had to lay on his back to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and creating some re- interpretations of the Mona Lisa by Da Vinci. The work produced was outstanding. Well done Year Five. 
Year Six presented some very interesting facts on Japan during the assembly. Thank you Year 6 and well done everybody for all of your amazing work. We know that you very much enjoyed International Fortnight so we hope to continue this event in the future!