Living Eggs


Living Eggs
On Monday 26th February, ten eggs arrived in their incubator.  On Tuesday, our first chick hatched.
Unfortunately, due to the snow, school was then closed. 
Miss Whitfield and Miss Wigham braved the snow to check on the eggs.  To our surprise we found seven very loud, very cute, fluffy chicks!
The darker chicks are girls, the yellow ones are boys. 
Can you count how many we have of each?
We moved them to their new home with a heat lamp to keep them warm, some water to drink and some food.  They all look very healthy and are enjoying their new space.
Watch this page to keep updated on their progress!
UPDATE!  What a surprise this morning, another chick has hatched!  We now have an even number of boys and girls.
The chicks have been having a sleepover at Miss Bell's house this weekend - they have been very noisy, but have also enjoyed exploring!  They love company, and can't wait to meet you all tomorrow!