At King Street Primary School, it is our intent to nurture children who have the skills to succeed in the wider world. As the UK is becoming an increasingly multicultural society, we have a duty to provide our children with an understanding of other cultures and languages. We wish for them to be understanding and open-minded to the different cultures they will encounter, not only in their daily lives now, but in their futures. We aim to introduce them to the languages and different ways of life around the world, in order for them to develop as accepting members of society.

Following the 2014 new curriculum, all KS2 children are to learn a language other than English. At King Street Primary, we believe strongly in the benefit of this for all children from Year 3 to Year 6. We encourage a whole school approach which begins when children enter the school. Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 children will be prepared for the learning of a foreign language by the immersion in other cultures through games, songs and SMSC activities.  Subsequent to this, we are now implementing a new French scheme, with the intent to provide all of our KS2 children with basic knowledge and understanding, which they can build upon in subsequent years.

Whilst focussing on French, we also introduce other languages, linked to our class topics and SMSC, thus demonstrating the diverse range of cultures in the modern world. Above all, we aim for our students to develop communicative skills, alongside those established in their English lessons, that contribute to their social and spiritual development, and to inspire them to find their passions. They should become confident in presenting their ideas in a variety of ways, and across borders. At the basic level, this will focus on speaking and listening, before progressing to the higher-order skills of reading and writing.

We have also organised for pupils in Year 5 and 6 to receive additional language provision, in partnership with local secondary schools, in order to prepare them for their transition. For now, these sessions are subject to COVID-19 guidance.

In partnership with SMSC, the impact of these actions will be that children develop their awareness and understanding of, and appreciation for other cultures, as well as their confidence in speaking, reading and writing in a foreign language.

Overall, we aim to:

· ensure that every child appreciates the existence and importance of other languages and cultures.

· promote and instill a love for learning other languages.

· develop basic language skills, which will lay the foundations for future success.