Nursery into Nature - Fresh Air Fridays 2022-2023

For our first week of Fresh Air Friday we read a story called Wind, we listened to the wind and watched it moving the branches of the trees.  Then we took some time for our new Nursery children to explore our outdoor area.
Autumn Faces
This week during Fresh Air Friday we began to talk about Autumn and the treasures that it brings such as conkers and acorns.  As part of our All About Me topic we continued to look at our faces, we used the Autumn materials we had to make faces!
This week during Fresh Air Friday we talked about Harvest and how the food that we eat is grown and collected to reach our plates.  Then we dug up some of the vegetables that we planted in the spring, we had lots of onions and some carrots!  We also picked some tomatoes.  We did some really good counting to see how much we had grown and then some of us even had a little taste!
This week we looked at darkness, because it was Space Week we talked about how it is dark in space, we also read a story called A Patch of Black and talked about darkness and night time.  We made a dark den and learned about shadows, then we made some shadows of our own.
This week in Fresh Air Friday we read Aaaaghhh Spider!!  We talked about how the spider wasn't actually scary and made lovely webs.  Then we did a web hunt around our outdoor areas and found lots of big ones shining in the sunshine! 
This week we had a spooky Fresh Air Friday, we read What's in the Witch's Kitchen and then used this as inspiration to draw some spooky pictures onto pumpkins!  We also worked as a team to collect leaves to make a giant pumpkin on the floor.
Bonfire Night
For our Bonfire Night Fresh Air Friday we read a story called Sparks in the Sky and talked about how to be safe around fireworks and bonfires.  Then we made a big bonfire picture and used lots of fine motor skills to do some cutting and sticking.  Finally we made and ate some tasty chocolate sparklers!
This week at Fresh Air Friday we read Owl Babies and talked about the Owl's family as this week we have been talking about our own family and different types of families.  Then we made our own Owls out of rocks, feathers, googly eyes and plenty of glue!
Hedgehog Hotel
This week we read Don't Hog the Hedge, all about a kind hedgehog who shares her hedge with lots of other animals.  We talked about the alliteration in the story and then we decided it would be a good idea to build a hedgehog hotel.
This week in Fresh Air Friday we talked about how different it looks outside now compared to earlier in the year, we discussed how most of the leaves have fallen and the trees are bare and noticed that there aren't many colourful flowers around.  We read Bear Snores On, all about a bear going for his long winter sleep and talked about hibernation.  Then we planted some spring bulbs which we will come back to in future sessions as we discuss the changing seasons.
We got all wrapped up for a frosty Fresh Air Friday. We read a story called The Runaway Iceberg and discussed why the iceberg in the story had got smaller and smaller. Then we looked at the ice we froze earlier in the week, we discussed how it looked and felt "cold" "wet" "hard" "smooth" and then we put it into the tough tray to investigate it, some of us even had a go at writing and making marks with the ice. Then we returned to school for snack this week because it was an extra cold but extra tasty one, can you guess what we had?!
At Fresh Air Friday this week we learned all about Robins, we found out they do not migrate for winter, they like to eat from lower levels and they are around 13cm long. We had a look at a ruler to see how big this is and then had a look to see what we could find around the same size. We read a lovely story called Little Lost Robin which talked about how Robins eat seeds, we had some bird food which had seeds and berries in and we counted out five scoops each as our number this week has been 5. Finally for tasty treat we had some raspberries, cranberries and blueberries with yoghurt and talked about how we must never eat berries that we pick unless with an adult who says we can.
Today at Fresh Air Friday we read a book called Owl's Winter Rescue which was about an owl which rescued a rabbit from a frozen pond, we talked about how walking on frozen water can be very dangerous. We also talked about all of the learning we have done about water, ice and winter over the last few weeks. We then filled up one tough tray with warm water and one with cold water and talked about the difference. For tasty treat we had hot chocolate and biscuits.
Signs of Spring
Before we went to Fresh Air Friday today we had a look in our floor book at some pictures of us planting bulbs in November. When we went outside we had a look at what has happened to the bulbs now and noticed that they have started to grow although they do not have flowers yet. We read Guess How Much I Love You in the Spring, all about new beginnings and change and then we talked about how we change as we grow.
We talked about how it is almost Spring and we looked for signs of the change of season, today was a lovely day so we noticed the sunshine and we spotted some green leaves and some flowers. Finally we walked over to our Nursery playground and planted some wildflower seeds in the hope of creating a bee and butterfly garden.
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
We have been looking at the Very Hungry Caterpillar book as part of our learning about eggs and this week it was also our book at Fresh Air Friday. We read the story all together and lots of the children can tell it now, next we drew some butterfly life cycles with chalk on the floor there were some fantastic pictures. We also played out life cycle of a butterfly movement game which involves lots of wiggling stretching and fluttering!
For the start of our Good to Grow topic, this week during Fresh Air Friday we looked at vegetables. We read The Enormous Turnip and then looked at pictures of different vegetables, the children were able to recognise lots of them! Next we looked at the purple sprouting broccoli which some of our older children will remember planting last summer. We talked about how and where vegetables and other plants grow, what they need to grow and named some of their features like leaves and flowers. Finally we prepared some plant pots by filling them with soil, ready to plant some seeds next week. Finally for our tasty treat we all tried some vegetable crisps and lots of the children thought they were delicious!
This week we continued the work we had been doing throughout the week on seeds, we also read the book Ten Seeds. We talked about where we would find seeds and then looked at some different fruit and vegetables, pear, grape, pepper, tomato and pomegranate. Some of the children knew that we would find the seeds inside of the fruit and vegetables so we cut them open so we could have a look inside. We then planted some tomato and pumpkin seeds. Finally we all tried the pomegranate seeds, they were delicious!