Nursery into Nature - Fresh Air Fridays 2023-2024

This week at Fresh Air Friday we looked at apples.  We had a variety of different kinds of apples to look at and we talked about the different sizes and colours.  Next we made an apple crumble, we helped to peel, chop, mix and crumble, it was delicious!  Finally we investigated apples further by doing some apple printing.
Autumn Colours
Because this week was the start of Autumn we have been looking at the lovely colours we see in nature in Autumn.  We looked at pictures of leaves, conkers, berries, fields and other Autumnal things and talked about all of the colours.  Next we worked on our fine motor skills and our colour sorting skills by filling in the gaps on Autumn pictures with the right colours using either finger painting or cotton buds.
Autumn Treasures
This week we had a look inside the Autumn treasure bags we sent home at the previous weeks Fresh Air Friday.  The children told us all about the walks they had been on with their grown ups and they had found some wonderful Autumn Treasures, these included conkers, leaves, acorns, berries, flowers, fir cones and other lovely items.  We put all of the treasures together in a beautiful display and the children made some water colour pictures inspired by the lovely colours.
Spring Bulbs
For Fresh Air Friday this week we stayed in our Nursery Garden to give it a tidy up and plant some Spring bulbs. First of all we read Little Leaf's Journey, a book about the changing seasons that also talks about the magic that happens beneath the ground as seasons change. Then we looked at some bulbs before we planted them, they came in all shapes and sizes and we thought they looked a bit funny! Next some of the children helped me to clear the planters and put some weeds in our compost bins. We then planted a mix of daffodils, tulips and crocus, we can't wait to see the results in the Spring!
Leaf Man
Today at Fresh Air Friday we continued to look at Autumn and read a book called Leaf Man, about some leaves that started off looking like a leaf man but as the wind blew they changed into different things. Then we had a rainy walk over to the forest, stopping to look at any leaves we found on the floor on the way. At the forest garden we had a look around for more leaves and some of used these to make pictures, then we found our favourite leaves. We did our next job indoors because we did not want the dry leaves we collected yesterday to get wet. We each chose something to make out of leaves like in the leaf man story. Most of us chose to make leaf people but we also have a leaf cow, fish, dog and butterfly. I think they are fabulous!
Due to the weather today we didn't go outside for Fresh Air Friday, instead we went into our Nurture Nook to explore pumpkins. First of all we arranged them in size order. Next we drew them, choosing our preferred pumpkin coloured pencil. Then we cut the top off and used our senses to explore the pumpkins by smelling and feeling them. Next we used spoons to scoop out the inside of the pumpkin. As a group we decided what the pumpkins face should look like which involved talking about different shapes and a grown up used a sharp knife to cut it's face out. Our story today was pumpkin soup, the children have asked to make soup next!D
Light and Dark
This week we have been learning about Diwali which is known as the festival of lights, so today for Fresh Air Friday we have been investigating light and dark. We read a story called The Cave which is about a creature which lives in a dark cave. We used chalk to make some pretty Rangoli patterns to brighten up the playground. Next we looked at our shadows and drew around some, they were really long! Inside we turned off all of the lights and explored with torches. We also investigated pattern using our light table.
This morning at Fresh Air Friday we read Owl Babies, the children really enjoyed the story and we talked about how owls live in a nest, our theme this half term is The House Where I Live, so we talked about how nests are different to houses. The children then made some nests from different natural materials. Next they each made their own owl which they will bring home next week.
This week at Fresh Air Friday we learned all about hibernation, which animals hibernate and where they like to hibernate. We read a book called Bear Snores On about a bear that is hibernating and gets woken up by some friends. Some of us made cosy beds for our bears out of leaves and later this afternoon with blankets and cushions. We played a matching games where children had to match the animal to their home.
This week at Fresh Air Friday we read a beautiful story called The Snowflake and we learned that no two snowflakes are the same. Next we made some salt dough snowflakes, we used our dough disco skills to pinch and pat the dough into a circle and then we chose what we wanted to use to make some marks in the dough. When they are dry they will be sent home and you can hang them on your tree. This afternoon we have made some fabulous snow flake decorations out of paper to put on the windows in Nursery.
Animal Patterns
Last week in Nursery we were investigating patterns, we looked at repeating patterns and tried to copy some and then use different materials to make our own. So on Fresh Air Friday we became pattern detectives, we were all given a magnifying glass with an animal pattern clue on, we the searched the forest to find the matching animal. The children did really well to follow the clues and sometimes had to work as a team! We also read a story called The Leopard's Drum and spotted lots of animal patterns in the book.