Pre-School Into Nature - Fresh Air Fridays 2021-22

Each Friday, Pre-School have the chance to explore the outdoors through 'Fresh Air Fridays'! Every session, we investigate a different nature-based theme and spend lots of time in the fresh air - whatever the weather!
Here are some photos of our outdoor adventures!
Week 1 - Owls
Week 2 - Apples
Week 3 - Sticks
Week 4 - Leaves
Week 5 - Spiders
Week 8 - Hedgehogs
Week 9 - Fire
Rocks and Mountains
This week we had lots of fun learning about the rain and the journey of a raindrop, listening to the rain and splashing in puddles!
Signs of Spring
We spent Fresh Air Friday looking for signs of spring, we looked for spring flowers and found a ladybird!  We also looked at bulbs and roots and talked about how they helped the flowers grow and survive.
Planting Seeds and Beans
We have been reading Jack and the Beanstalk and learning about the life cycle of a plant so we have planted some beans and seeds!
Natural Materials
We read a book about what life would be like if we were made of all different types of materials, then we searched for natural materials to make people with.
We talked about the changing seasons and the way the weather changes at this time of year then we played in the snow!
Spring Planting
 This week during Fresh Air Friday we got our gardening gloves on and got busy planting some vegetables, so far we have planted carrots, onions and courgette!
This week we have planted some more vegetables to add to our greenhouse, cabbage, purple broccoli and beetroot.  We also had lots of fun exploring our outdoor learning area.
Busy Bees!
This week we have been learning about bees, we read Omar the Bees and Me, and talked about why bees are important and how we can help them.  We played a game where we pretended to be bees and depending on the instruction we either flew into our hive, did a waggle dance to say we had found some good nectar or collected some pollen!  We also tried some honey, lots of us thought it was yummy!