Reception into nature - Welly Wednesday Autumn 2023

Every Wednesday we spend the day outdoors, whatever the weather, exploring the changing seasons, consolidating learning that has taken place in class and safely learning to use new tools.
Look at what we've been up to this term!
Week 1 - Wednesday 13th September 
Bog Babies and Blackberries
This week we read The Bog Baby and then discovered a suitcase filled with Bog Babies.  We chose one that we'd like to take home with us and made our Bog Baby promise to teach it to read by sharing books and teaching it our new sounds.  As the sun shone in the afternoon, we used the pestle and mortar to squash blackberries that we found in the garden and made blackberry paint.  We used the paint to create pictures of the Bog Baby and write our 's' phonics sound.
Week 2 - Wednesday 20th September
Wind and Wheat
Today was a bit of a wet and windy day.  After reading the story of The Little Red Hen, the children looked closely at some wheat and drew some detailed pictures.  We talked about how wheat was ground into flour and what it could be made into. We then searched for the Bog Baby and found he has some objects in the tin that started with the letter 'p'.  We then had a go at sorting objects and some fabulous mark-making, We made some windy wigglers by cutting wool and tying it onto sticks to see the direction the the wind was blowing.
Finally we tasted three different types of bread: white, wholemeal and 50/50 and talked about our favourite.