Reception into Nature - Welly Wednesday (Spring 2023)

Week 1 - 11th January, 2023
Today was the first Welly Wednesday of this year!  The Bog Baby brought us some new tricky words to read - my, by, she and me.
The weather forecast mentioned 'gusty' wind and we definitely felt that today!  We used streamers and our hand-made kites to 'see' the wind blowing. 
When back in school, we read the Christina Rossetti poem - Who has seen the wind?
Who has seen the wind? 
Neither I nor you: 
But when the leaves hang trembling, 
The wind is passing through. 
Who has seen the wind? 
Neither you nor I: 
But when the trees bow down their heads, 
The wind is passing by.
Wednesday 18th January, 2023
Today's Welly Wednesday was all about ice, fire and sticks! After practising our phonics with the Bog Baby we read 'Not a Stick' and collected our own sticks, discussing what our stick could be! We then used our sticks to create our campfire.  We created a special soup by finding natural materials found on the ground, with some soup-er predictions of what might happen when we leave our soup overnight in the freezing temperatures.  We explored the snow and ice and finally we warmed up by toasting GIANT marshmallows over the campfire and making tasty s'mores to enjoy!
Wednesday 25th January
This week we have been finding out about the Lunar New Year.  After reading a story about which animals were chosen to have a year named after them, we spent some time looking for all 12 animals in the garden.  We then made our own lucky rabbits using old socks stuffed with hay and tied with red wool.  Tasty Treat today was a fortune cookie!