Reception Into Nature - Welly Wednesdays (Autumn 2020)


Welly Wednesdays - 'Into Nature' Adventures!
Our brave explorers visit our 'forest' off-site area whatever the weather.  We learn to use tools safely, watch the changing seasons and develop our love for the outdoors through our messy, muddy fun! (Please see our Early Years Foundation Stage pages which can be found in the 'Our Learning' section of our website for more information).
Autumn Term 1 2020
Week 1 - We talked about the changing leaves and made a special paint potion out of blackberries and water.  Our tool this week was the pestle and mortar which we used to crush the blackberries. Tasty Treat this week was a biscuit and blackberry juice!  We explored the secret garden and the castle and solved problems in the water chute!
Week 2 - This week we found lots of secret symbols today in the garden!  There was a note on the door that said, "knock 5".  We knocked five times to enter. We discovered the magic mustard tin with the symbol 'a' inside as well as an apple and a knife.  We discovered some pips which we planted around the edge of the fire circle.
We mixed yellow and blue paint to make green and did some apple printing with the apple.  We discovered secret symbols under the castle.  Lots of letters, but what does it spell? Tasty Treat today was an apple and blackcurrant and apple juice!
Week 3 - Today was a very rainy day but we dressed for the weather and had lots of fun!  The number on the gate to the secret garden was number '3'. We knocked three times to get inside.  Miss Whitfield told us that a long time ago, before the school was built, bog babies roamed the land.  They went underground so sometimes if we put our ear to the ground we hear them.
We made a shelter in the den with tarpaulin and listened to the rain.
Someone was snoring inside the magic mustard tin today!  We found lots of objects beginning with 'S' and then a sleeping bog baby.  We said 'ssssssss' to make him smile!
Tasty treat today was Bog Baby biscuit and Bog Baby Berry Juice!
Week 4 - Today we had to knock 4 times to get into the secret garden.  The bog baby was hiding in the magic mustard tin which was sitting on the top of the den as well as a book called Leaf Man!  
We read the book and talked about the falling leaves.  We even saw some leaves falling from the big tree.
We used crayons from the tin to make leaf rubbings, planted some acorns and found the secret symbols 'a' and 'A' around the 'forest'.  Some of the children went on a bug hunt and made 'Bug Soup'!  Thankfully tasty treat today was lemon leaves (lemon curd on wraps) and apple juice!
Week 5 - Today we had to knock 6 times to get into the Secret Garden gate!  The Magic Mustard Tin was no where to be seen, but after a bit of detective work, we spotted it on the bird table which gave us a clue of today's activity!  
The Bog Baby brought lots of object beginning with 't' today as well as the letters s, a and t, which meant we could build some words - sat and at!  
We sorted leaves by colour and made some cereal bird feeders by creating a repeating pattern using the cereal.
Tasty treat today was juice and a Rich 'T' biscuit!
Week 6 - This week we read the story of The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza!  The bog Baby brought the letter 'P' and we had to know 8 times to enter the secret garden!
We started to make our Bug Hotel this week as well as making our own Bog Baby pizzas from natural materials.
Tasty Treat this week was chocolate-covered hedgehog prickles (chocolate fingers) and hedgehog (summer fruits) juice!
Week 7 - Today we read the story Aaaarghhh Spider! and looked for spiderwebs around the garden.  The bog baby brought us lots of the sounds that he had told us about and asked the children to tell him the sounds they remembered!  Today's tasty treats were bat and ghost gingerbread biscuits...spooky!
Autumn Term 2
Week 1 - This week we had to knock 10 times to get into the secret garden.  The magic mustard tin was hiding behind the owl bench.  Inside, the Bog Baby made us laugh by wearing a funny false nose!  Our sound was 'n' and we talked about nature being around us.  We tried making our own paintbrushes from the natural materials we found - sticks, leaves, pebbles and twigs. We explored the marks that they made on paper with some sparkly metallic paint.
We enjoyed mark-making and writing numbers and letters and playing games before finishing with orange juice and bread stick sparklers! Yum!
Week 2 - What a busy Welly Wednesday we have had!  We looked for circles and triangles in the environment.  We had to knock nine times to enter the secret garden and this week, the Bog Baby brought his friend Monkey and the letter 'm'.  Monkey helped us to develop our positional language by hiding in various places!  As today was Remembrance Day, we painted poppies on the ground and printed poppies using a pepper before marking the 2 minutes silence.
Tasty treat today was chocolate fingers and poppy-red berry juice!
Week 3 - This week the magic number was number 7.  We had to knock seven times to enter the Secret garden.  This week, the Magic Mustard tin was hiding up the tree and the Bog Baby asked us to make collections of 5 natural objects as this was linked to our maths work.  Everyone did brilliantly and found some interesting objects for their collection.  He also brought us the letter 'd'.  This week we pushed ourselves with physical challenges.  Tasty treat this week was bread stick drumsticks and apple and blackcurrrant juice.
Week 4 - This week we had to count six knocks.  The Magic Mustard Tin was hiding up the tree and it was really heavy!  Inside we found that the Bog Baby had eaten lots of oranges!  He brought the letter 'o' and a letter which we read by building up our known phonics sounds - It read, 'The sand pit is open!'
The bog baby also brought a wooden wreath and some secateurs so that we could cut branches off the tree in the garden to add to it.  The children handled the new tool very carefully and the smell of the cut branches was amazing!  Tasty treat today was orange juice and orange carrots.
Week 5 - This week the Bog Baby brought us something very special that started with our new sound, 'G'.   It was the angel Gabriel who was a little lost and was on top of a tree in the secret garden!  We safely added her to the top our Christmas tree inside the classroom.
We read the story of Shelley the tortoise who wanted to explore winter but soon found out that the thought of a tortoise out in winter was...Ridiculous!
Because it was a cold day, we made our own hot chocolate, counting scoops and stirring it well.  Tasty treat was a roly-poly wrap that looked like Shelley's shell (chocolate spread on a wheat wrap).
Our Focused Texts
Week 6 - In our final Welly Wednesday of the term, the Bog Baby brought a special treat for working so hard on our secret Nativity project!  Marshmallows and a fire pit to toast them on.  We talked about fire safety, toasted our marshmallows, blew on them ten times, tested them on our lips before eating them.