Reception into Nature - Welly Wednesdays (Autumn 2021)

Week 1 - 8th September
What glorious weather we had for our first Welly Wednesday!  We went to our secret forest garden and read a story called The Listening Walk.  We then stayed really still and listened to all the different sounds that we heard outside.  After that we went to look for the Bog Baby.  He had hidden lots of secret symbols (familiar logos) around the garden, so we talked about where we might see them.  Then we went to explore our new space.  We had a closer look at some of the mini beasts that share our garden including ladybirds and spiders.  The weather was very hot (26 degrees!) so we were pleased that Tasty Treat today was a drink of orange juice, a biscuit and an apple!
Week 2 - 15th September
This week we read the story of A New House for Mouse.  We searched for the Bog Baby who was hiding in his magic mustard tin under the bushes!  He had written a message asking for us to create a repeating pattern.  Today we made repeating patterns of fruit, made homes for the Bog Baby using objects that we found around the garden and made our own tasty treat of special Bog Baby's apple sauce sandwiches! Yum!
Week 3 - 21st September.  Today was the first day of Autumn.  The Bog Baby had written some words onto some autumn leaves for us to sort into words containing 's' and not containing 's'.
The Bog Baby had brought some objects to the Secret Forest that started with the letter 's' - a sandwich, swan, snail, slug, a smelly sock and a saw.  We learned to use a saw safely today on the woodwork bench.  Our well-earned tasty-treat today was apple and blackcurrant juice with a biscuit with four letter 's' printed into them.  We counted them all as we ate them!
Week 4 - 29th September.  Today the Bog Baby was hiding among the branches of our evergreen tree.  He challenged us to sort out objects into those beginning with 's' and 'a'.  After that he asked everyone to find a stick lying in the forest.  We compared our sticks to his and talked about 'longer' and shorter.  
We then took our sticks on an adventure!  Some of the children used them as musical instruments, some did more measuring by comparison and some used them in their role play.  
What better to eat at Tasty Treat Time than breadsticks and orange juice!
Week 5 - 6th October, 2021
This week we noticed that the leaves on our tree are beginning to turn colour, a sign that autumn is definitely here!  Today we read about the Jewish Festival of Sukkot.  We worked together to create our own Sukkah in the garden. We used a new tool today, the hand drill, to make holes in the fruit and vegetables to make them easier to hang from the branches. We created repeated patterns using carrot-printing with paint.  Today we had a very special Tasty Treat as we celebrated our friend's birthday!
Week 6 - 13th October, 2021
This week we noticed that our tree's leaves had almost all changed to orange and some of the leaves had started to fall. The Bog Baby set us a challenge to sort the leaves we found into the correct colours.  There was lots of talk about colour, texture and pattern.  
We read the story of Leaf Man and made some leafy friends for the Bog Baby.
Week 1 - 3rd November, 2021
A big change in the garden as our special tree has lost all of its leaves during the half-term holiday.  
Today, we had a bit of a mystery.  We found the Magic Mustard Tin but no there was no Bog Baby!  He left us a special message that we read together.  
We talked about the shapes of the Bog Baby to help me to draw a picture of him so that we could show other people what he looked like so that they could help us to find him.  We then drew our own pictures to put up around school.
We went on a shape hunt, looking for triangles and circles in the garden area.  We found a lot!
For tasty treat today we made bread-stick sparklers (as we have been learning about Bonfire Night this week) and had warm hot chocolate to warm up our cold hands!
Week 2 - 10th November, 2021
Today the Bog Baby returned.  He brought us some words that we could blend using our phonic sounds.
We decided to create a huge collaborative artwork today and worked together to paint poppies on the walkway into school.  Our Poppy Path took all day to complete with every Reception child creating a poppy painting.  
In the garden we spent some time weaving poppies using wool and sticks as well as playing games and having fun together.
Week 3 - 17th November, 2021
This week is World Nursery Rhyme Week and today's rhyme was Incy Wincy Spider.  After practising the rhyme, we read the story, Arghhh Spider and looked for spiders and webs around the garden.  We then tried weaving our own wooly webs.  Today's tasty treat was orange juice and juicy flies (raisins!) Yum!
Week 4 - 1st December, 2021
Today was a very cold day in the Secret Garden with a very icy wind.  We explored our garden for changes made since Storm Arwen hit the UK a few days ago.  We discovered some changes that were permanent, like the sad loss of one of our trees and a broken bird-feeding table, and some temporary changes such as the furniture and toys that were blown around and could be put back.  
The Bog Baby asked the children to make him a new shelter that would be safe from the storms.  
We found a fantastic Harvestman spider on the yard and watched as he made his way across in the wind.  
Tasty treat today was milk and a juicy satsuma.