Reception into Nature - Welly Wednesdays (Autumn 2022)


Week 1 - 14th September, 2022
This week we finally got to meet the Bog Baby!  We had to knock 5 times on the gatepost to let him know that we were in the forest.  Once inside, we looked inside the Magic Mustard Tin and found that he had brought his friend Paddington who wanted to share a lovely memory of when he shared tea with Queen Elizabeth.  Although he was sad that she had died, he had a lovely memory of their time together.
He told us that every day, from the age of 5, The Queen ate a 'jam penny', a strawberry jam and butter sandwich.  We made our own jam pennies to enjoy at Tasty Treat time!
We made our own purple paint by crushing blackberries with a pestle and mortar and painted beautiful berry crowns.
Week 2 - 21st September 
Today we had to knock 5 times on the magic gate post to let the Bog Baby know that we had arrived.  
We looked around the garden and found him in his Magic Mustard Tin hiding amongst the branches of our evergreen tree.
We read the story about the Little Red Hen and talked about being a helpful friend. 
We then looked closely at some wheat that Miss Whitfield found growing in her harden, planted by her very own little red hens!
We used charcoal to sketch the shapes that we could see on the plants.
Tasty treat today was wheat crackers and juice.