Reception into Nature - Welly Wednesdays (Autumn 2022)

Week 1 - 14th September, 2022
This week we finally got to meet the Bog Baby!  We had to knock 5 times on the gatepost to let him know that we were in the forest.  Once inside, we looked inside the Magic Mustard Tin and found that he had brought his friend Paddington who wanted to share a lovely memory of when he shared tea with Queen Elizabeth.  Although he was sad that she had died, he had a lovely memory of their time together.
He told us that every day, from the age of 5, The Queen ate a 'jam penny', a strawberry jam and butter sandwich.  We made our own jam pennies to enjoy at Tasty Treat time!
We made our own purple paint by crushing blackberries with a pestle and mortar and painted beautiful berry crowns.
Week 2 - 21st September 
Today we had to knock 5 times on the magic gate post to let the Bog Baby know that we had arrived.  
We looked around the garden and found him in his Magic Mustard Tin hiding amongst the branches of our evergreen tree.
We read the story about the Little Red Hen and talked about being a helpful friend. 
We then looked closely at some wheat that Miss Whitfield found growing in her garden, planted by her very own little red hens!
We used charcoal to sketch the shapes that we could see of the plants.
Tasty treat today was wheat crackers and juice.
Week 3 - 28th September
Today we had to knock 4 times on the magic gate post.  The Bog Baby was found hiding in the bushes behind the owl bench. He brought our new sound card, 's' with him and lots of objects that start with 's'.
We read a story about families and how everyone's family is different.  We tried making pictures of our families using found objects.
We used chalk to try writing the grapheme 's' and some of our children had fun making a Bog Baby swimming pool and tried it out with their wellies!
Today's tasty treat was cheese twists (we counted three 's' in the name) and orange juice.  Whilst we were sitting having tasty treat, we noticed that the leaves on our big tree were turning colour.
Week 4 - Wednesday 5th October, 2022 (Space Week)
This rainy afternoon Miss Whitfield wore a very unusual hat to the Forest.  It was full of holes and just like the hat the bear wore in today's story - Whatever Next!
We read about a bear who went on an adventure into space using things he found around his house and we decided to make rockets from things we found around the garden.  The autumn leaves made brilliant flames for our booster jets!
We found the Bog Baby hiding in his very own rocket made from a traffic cone.  He brought us some words to blend and read using the sounds that we have learned so far - s, a, t and p.
Tasty treat today was a ginger moon biscuit and some milk.
Week 5 - 19th October, 2022
Today we noticed that most of the leaves have fallen from our forest tree and created a colourful carpet!
We read the story of Sammy Spider's first Sukkot.  Sukkot is a Jewish harvest celebration.  A Sukkah is created outside, decorated with fruit, vegetables and autumn leaves.  Families then share a meal together and sleep under the stars.
We created our own Sukkah and used a hand-drill to make holes in our vegetables to hang them. We then used a stick as a needle to thread the wool through the holes so that we could hang the fruit.
Week 1 - Wednesday 2nd November, 2022
Today the Bog Baby brought us some information about spiders.  Did you know that some spiders have 8 eyes and all spiders have 8 legs?
We used the magnifying sheets to look closely at the spider webs that we found and tried drawing them onto black card using chalk.  We used wool to create our own webs on the den.
Todays tool was the claw hammer.  We used the hammer to hammer nails into our left-over Halloween pumpkins and saw how we could use the claw end of the hammer to lever them back out.
Tasty Treat today was rice cake and orange juice.
Week 2 - Wednesday 9th November
This week we read about two friends who stuck together through tricky times in the story, Where the Poppies Now Grow.
We found some letters hidden in the garden by the Bog Baby which spelled a very special message - Remember.
We talked about how poppies help us to remember soldiers from the war.
We painted some poppies to create a poppy path to school before we had a heavy rainstorm that washed them all away!  We were treated to a beautiful rainbow though!  
Week 3 - Wednesday 16th November
This week, the drizzling rain stopped us from taking photos as our camera stopped working!
We spent time today looking at our newly designed outdoor space and discussed what the children would like to explore now that the weather was getting colder.  We discussed suitable clothing and talked about building a campfire to help us to keep warm.  
We found some of our tricky words hidden around the garden and used our sound cards to create real and pseudo (Bog Baby) words!
Week 4 - Wednesday 30th November
Today was a very cold day.  We could see our breath as we sang and chatted!  We read a story about a tortoise called Shelley who decided to explore winter and she soon realised just how Ridiculous it is for a tortoise to be outdoors in winter!
We learned to use the flint and steel to create sparks and then lit our first campfire of the year.  Tasty treat had to be toasted marshmallow!