Reception Into Nature - Welly Wednesdays (Spring 2021)

Spring Term 2021
Week 1 - 10th March, 2021
This is the first week that we have welcomed the children back after a national lockdown.  The children were keen to explore the new garden area and were thrilled the Bog Baby came to visit too!
We read the story, When will it be Spring? and looked for signs of Spring around the school grounds.  We found some shoots and some early Spring flowers, daffodils and crocuses.
We had a closer look at the roots and shoots of a bulb and learned the important jobs that roots have!
The Magic Mustard Tin was empty, so we searched the garden and found lots of the sounds that we had learned already to fill the tin.
It has been so lovely for our garden to be full of laughter and learning again!
Week 2 - 17th March, 2021
This week the Bog Baby left us a story called Stanley's Stick about a boy who made a simple stick into lots of interesting things.  
He hid lots of phonemes around our outdoor space to find and read and some words to send us a secret message - Can you sort the sticks?  
We all chose a stick and did lots of estimating and comparing to sort them from shortest to longest.  
This week, we planted some sunflower seeds in our new garden and tried painting with mud!
Tasty treat was a Bog Baby biscuit (Rich Tea) and blackcurrant and apple juice.
Week 3 - 24th March, 2021
Today the Bog Baby left us another jumbled up sentence linked to our story this week and our sound, 'j'.
He also brought some bread and jam to make our own snack.  
We watered our plants in the garden and began filling our pond with water.
We read a story called The Giant Jam Sandwich and were a little nervous that the seagulls flying around our yard might be feeling hungry and want to steal our tasty treats!