Reception into Nature - Welly Wednesdays (Spring 2022)

Week 1- 5th January, 2022
Today was a very sunny but cold and icy day.  We talked about ways to keep warm outdoors.  
After talking about fire safety and learning how to use a flint and steel to make sparks, we used it to light a campfire.  We toasted marshmallows and made s'mores by sandwiching our toasted marshmallow between two biscuits!  Yum!  What a delicious treat Ito start the term!
Week 4 - 2nd February, 2022
This week we have been learning about the Lunar New Year.  2022 is the year of the tiger, so today's Welly Wednesday had a very stripy theme!
We read a folktale about how the tiger got his stripes and we found some natural objects from around the garden to create some tiger stripes.
We spent time playing games, making marks, exploring potions and building.  Some of the children worked together to make a tall tower.  We talked about how to keep ourselves safe and how to be brave.
Tasty treat today was a biscuit and some tiger juice! 
Week 5 - 9th February, 2022
Today was a special day at the Secret Garden as it was the Bog Baby's birthday!  The children helped him to sound out some words and had a go at writing him some birthday messages.
This week is Children's Mental Health Week and our focus story is The Ugly Duckling.  The children acted out the story for the Bog Baby and explored the feelings of the characters throughout and the impact of the other animals unkindness because of someone being different. We talked about differences being something to be celebrated!
Week 6 - 16th February
Today we read a story all about little bear waiting for spring.  We have been looking for signs of Spring around our school. We found crocuses and a daffodil bud.  Our tree has buds ready for Spring too!
One of our children thought they heard the Bog Baby sneeze so quickly set to work setting up a Bog Baby hospital and created some medicine for him and two of our girls used the wooden blocks to create a Chinese restaurant!  Some great role play and imagination this week!
Week 1 - Wednesday 2nd March
 This week at Welly Wednesday we tried flipping our (cardboard) pancakes, counting how many times we could throw them up into the air and catch them.
We looked for signs of Spring and found some crocuses and some daffodil buds ready to emerge!
Week 2 - 9th March
This week we were learning all about road safety.  We completed a traffic survey outside of school to see how many vehicles passed our road in 10 minutes.  We were shocked to see so many!  
After that, we found a quieter spot to practice crossing the road safely.
We remembered to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN!
Week 3 - Wednesday 16th March (Science Week)
Today we found an envelope in the Secret Garden addressed to us.  What a surprise!  Jack wrote a letter to thank us for returning his suitcase and gave us some beans to grow and a golden coin each.  We followed the Bog Baby's instructions on how to plant our beans.  We found some matching pairs of rhyming beans too!
We also planted sunflower seeds for the school growing competition.
Week 4 - 23rd March
Today we started by reading a book about trees and talking about the trees in the Secret Garden and how they change throughout the year.  It was a glorious sunny and warm day today (17 degrees!) so we made the most of the sunshine by having a spring clean for the Bog Babies and doing phonics in the forest by exploring rhyming strings!