Reception Into Nature - Welly Wednesdays (Summer 2021)


Week 1 - Today was all about worms!  We talked about what we knew about worms already.  We then looked closely at worms from Miss Whitfield's wormery, including tiny babies and a worm egg!  Some of the children were keen to hold the worm, others not so much.
The Bog Baby had hidden some wooly worms in the mud kitchen, so we found them all and used 10 frames to help us count them.  We counted three tens!
We then went off to explore the garden and found that our sunflowers are starting to grow as we could see the green shoots!  
Our story today was Superworm.  We enjoyed listening to it whilst drinking our blackcurrant and apple juice in the spring sunshine.
Week 2 - This week was all about bees.  We sadly found a dead bee in our room, so we thought about how it might have died and then had a closer look under a magnifying glass.  
We talked about how helpful bees are to our world and learned some interesting bee facts.  We played a game where the Queen Bee held up the instruction, 'go', 'stop' or 'pollen'.  We had to watch carefully as we moved and then follow each instruction.  On the instruction 'pollen', we had to find a flower spot and do a waggle dance to show the other bees where the best nectar was!  
We learned the digraph, 'ee' today and found some 'ee' words hiding in the garden.  We planted some bee friendly seeds in our wildlife planter and looked to see how our sunflowers were doing!
Our tasty treat today was honey sandwiches and orange squash.  Yum!