School Council 2018

 Welcome to our school council page! We hope you enjoy looking at what we do for our school. 

We meet a few times every term to talk about what we have been learning about and whether all the children are feeling happy and safe and  to make sure that they are learning lots! We also discuss other issues such as the playground, how we can help our local community, and what we can do to make our school an even better place!  Each term we write a letter to our Governors to tell them what we have been doing and how we've been helping to make our school better. Make sure you stop and look at our display board if you are in school, it has regular updates on our work!


During Spring Term 2018, school Council have been working on writing our School Development Plan in child- friendly language. Here are our main priorities to drive forward progress and improve our school.
By working with staff, pupils and governors, school council aims to:
1. Get adults in our community involved in our school.
(This is linked to Article 3 from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child: 'All adults should work together to do what is best for the child' and to Article 5: 'Your family should help you to learn so that you can use your rights properly.') 
2. Get pupils here EVERY day.
3. Make sure our pupils love and enjoy school.
4. Support all our pupils no matter what their age is, race, beliefs, religion or gender. 
(This is linked to Article 2: 'The Convention applies to everyone under 18, whatever their race, religion, abilities, whatever they think or say, whatever type of family they come from.' 
You do not have to do anything to earn your rights and no one can take them away from you.) 
5. Make school FUN and give pupils wonderful experiences.
(This is linked to Article 29: 'Education should develop each child's personality and talents to the full.' and to Article 31: 'All children have the right to relax and play, and to join in a wide range of activities.') 
6. Make sure our pupils have POWERFUL imaginations. 
7. Create a school of kindness, where we all have exemplary manners. 
(Article 29: 'Education should encourage pupils to respect others.') 
8. Develop great thinkers.
(Article 12: 'Children have the right to say what they think.' 
Article 14: 'Children have the right to think and believe what they want, as long as they do not stop others from enjoying this right.') 
9. Encourage our pupils to speak English correctly and to a high standard and to improve handwriting across the school. 
Congratulations on the election of the School Council for the 2017- 18 Academic Year. 
Well done to: 
William, Jenson, Nell, Antonia, Finley, Harry, William C, Evie, Hannah, Ellie and Bobby. 
We are currently developing our school council role, giving it a higher profile in school and recognising that Pupil Voice is very important. We currently choose just a couple of children from each class to be the council representatives but we are finding ways of developing this into an ‘ambassador’ role allowing more children to be actively involved in the issues that interest them most. Watch this space to see how our school council develops…….
We have now elected a Rights Champion team and are currently in the process of electing an Art Leader Team, Buddy Team and Eco Team.
Watch this space if you would like to be part of a Library Team, Attendance Team or Lunch time team coming soon!
We value our Pupil Voice. 
Did you know that Article 12 of the UNCRC states that all children have the right to say what they think and have their views taken seriously?
We have a School Paper, written by our Newspaper Club and with contributions from all pupils and people in our community. Our paper celebrates our pupil voice and the wonderful things we do at King Street. We hope you enjoy reading it. We will attach copies below. 
Please find below our report to Governors for the Autumn Term.
We carried out a pupil survey as part of our journey to becoming a Silver Rights Respecting School and we think the results were very interesting. We are going to use these scores to plan out how we would like to improve our school this year.
One of our big priorities is making sure that our pupils know that we are kind to each other at King Street Primary and Pre- School.