School Council 2019

 Welcome to our school council page! We hope you enjoy looking at what we do for our school. 

The School Council and Rights Champion Team are pupils elected from each class to teach children's rights to the whole school community. We meet every Thursday talk about what we have been learning about and whether all the children are feeling happy and safe and  to make sure that they are learning lots! We also discuss other issues such as the playground, how we can help our local community, and what we can do to make our school an even better place!  


We believe that child rights are really important and are really proud to be part of the UNICEF Rights Respecting School community. We are currently a RRSA Silver Award School (which we achieved in Dec 2017) and we are aiming to achieve our RRSA Gold Award soon. We know that to achieve the Gold Award rights have to be embedded in our school and community; we have to know our rights, we have to ensure that the UNCRC is embedded in the relationships and ethos of our daily lives, and use our rights to campaign for real change and take action.  We want our children to feel empowered to be global citizens and to stand up for the rights of children everywhere! 

We thought that achieving the Gold Award sounded like hard work but the Rights Champions Team were convinced of its importance! 
Here is why we think it is important to try to achieve the RRSA Gold Award and why Rights are so important in our school:
The School Council/ Rights Champions Team 2018- 2019:
We came up with an action plan to help achieve the RRSA Gold Award:
1. Make sure that most of our pupils can name a wide range of articles from the UNCRC and understand the importance of rights.
2. Help our parents and wider community to understand and be committed to the UNCRC. (See our new Rights Mascot page on this website!)  
3.Make sure that members of our community feel safe, respected and that they are treated with equity and with dignity (Please see our Positive Relationships policy displayed in the foyer). 
4. Everyone is included and valued. (We want to set up more pupil leadership groups to give all pupils a chance to take ownership and make a real difference). 
5. Show that our pupils are committed to their right to education and take an active role in their learning (We came up with a HERO reward system to help improve attendance at King Street and please see the work with Early Excellence which has been taking place in EYFS and KS1 this year. Also ask us about our work with Dr. Tom Robson and the Learning Gems and our special GEM POWER assemblies).
6. Empower our pupils to be global citizens and campaigners.  
Our HERO attendance board. Every child has the right to an education!
We want more pupils to feel empowered as leaders of the school so we came up with different pupil leadership groups. Any one can be join in and be involved!
Our School Development Plan is written in conjunction with the SLT at King Street and put into pupil friendly language. We have also written a positive relationships policy this year for all members of our community (please see the foyer). 
We enjoyed setting up and using a 'Have your Say' board this year to discuss current affairs and issues which affect us.
Every child has the right to an opinion and adults should take this seriously!
Each classroom has a class charter where the children come up with a set of guidelines for how to make our classrooms positive rights respecting places. We know the difference between the rights holders (the children) and the duty bearers (staff, parents, adults, the government etc.) who have a duty to make sure that children are getting their rights!
We funded and organised for each class to have a Rights Mascot Bear this year to teach our wider community about rights.
Please see our mascot page by going to 'Our Learning'- click on 'SMSC and Rights Respecting'- then click on 'Rights Mascots'. 
Thank you, 
The Rights Champions Team