Science Week in EYFS 2021


Science Week in EYFS 2021
We had a brilliant week being scientists! 
We listened to lots of fairy tales and completed loads of challenges.
On Monday, we built rafts to help the Three Billy Goats Gruff reach the other side of the river, without meeting the troll. We tested our rafts to see if they would float and talked about why some floated better than others.
On Tuesday, we built a zipline for Jack to travel from the top of the beanstalk to the bottom. We talked about how we could make Jack move faster.
On Wednesday, we built houses for the Three Little Pigs using different materials. Then we saw how safe they were by squirting them with water pistols!
On Thursday, we listened to Humpty Dumpty and then wrapped eggs up in different materials to see if we could stop them getting cracked!
On Friday, we listened to the Gingerbread Man, and investigated what happened when we put gingerbread men in different liquids. We predicted which gingerbread man would go the soggiest!