Vic and Bob - our guinea-pigs!

Mrs Gamsby found two guinea pigs abandoned in a carrier whilst out on a walk with her dog.
After lots of warm baths, a vet check and some medicine, our guinea pigs have settled well into our EYFS Unit and are much loved by the staff and the children.
I know the children will gain a lot from our new friends.  They have had lots of cuddles so far!  
The children have been researching about them and creating a list of safe foods for them to eat.  We would be grateful if you could send old newspapers to school for us to use as bedding and any scraps of vegetables.
Please note that Vic and Bob will be safely enjoying the warmth of their cage in Miss Whitfield's house each evening, weekend, every holiday and in the event of school closures.  
(Two very spoiled piggies and one very soft teacher! Haha!)
Hi, my name is Victor, but you can call me Vic.  I am new to King Street Primary but I am looking forward to meeting you all.  
I like squeaking, running really fast and eating vegetables. 
When I first came to King Street, I wasn't very well and was very skinny but after lots of special food and careful monitoring, I have now gained a healthy weight.
Hi, my name is Bob.  I love nibbling my hay and having cuddles. I am a bit cheeky and rather nosey!  I like to squeak at people to get their attention.
I like to see the pictures that the children draw of me and love listening to stories!