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Welcome to Reception! 
Phonics & Sound Sheets
Each week the children will learn 3 new sounds during Phonics sessions.
On a Thursday, the children will bring home a sound sheet for each sound that they’ve learned that week. These are to help the children to say the sounds, recognise the sounds and write the sounds they have learned. Each sound has a caption/rhyme to help remember how to write the letter.

Children are taught to read using phonics, which is all about the sounds that make up words. Children are taught letter sounds in Reception. This involves thinking about what sound a word starts with, saying the sound out loud and then recognising how that sound is represented by a letter.

The aim is for children to be able to see a letter and then say the sound it represents out loud. 

Children then need to go from saying the individual sounds of each letter, to being able to blend the sounds and say the whole word.

Children are taught sounds such as ‘m’ ‘a’ ‘d’ ‘s’ and ‘t’ in the beginning and start to be able to blend these sounds together to make words such as ‘sat’.


Some simple steps to help your child learn to read through Phonics

  • Please use your child’s Book Bag and Reading Record. This is a great way for teachers and parents to communicate about what children have read. The Reading Record can tell you whether your child has enjoyed a particular book and shows problems or successes he or she has had, either at home or at school.
  • Encourage your child to ‘sound out’ unfamiliar words and then blend the sounds together from left to right rather than looking at the pictures to guess.
  • Word games like ‘I-spy’ can also be an enjoyable way of teaching children about sounds and letters. 
In Reception, children are given a school reading book to read at home.
Every child also has a reading record. This helps us to find out how your child is getting on with their reading book at home. Please remember to complete this. Even the date and a signature is useful as we then know that your child has read at home.
Reading books will be given out on a Wednesday and should be kept at home until the following Monday when we will collect them in to be changed.
If your child reads other books at home you are able to record this in their Reading Record too. It is good to see other books being read.
Blue Word Book
Every Wednesday children will bring home their word book along with their reading book. This includes words that your child should practise reading at home. The words given each week will be linked to the sounds taught in school. Their may also sometimes be some 'Red Tricky Words' given, which are words that can not be sounded out. These are words that need to be practised so that your child recognises them.
Forest School
Wellies for Forest School can be left at school if needed. On your child's forest school day they are able to come to school dressed in their old clothes.
Please provide a bag with school uniform so that your child is able to get changed when they get back to school.

Forest School Groups

Miss Simpson


Miss Starkie


Miss Brown


In Reception we have weekly PE lessons. Children can bring their PE kit into school on a Monday and leave it at school all week. PE kits can be taken home on a Friday and brought back for Monday.

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