English Overview
At King Street Primary School, it is our intention to nurture well-read, insightful, knowledgeable, inquisitive, imaginative, thoughtful and enthusiastic readers and writers, who are confident verbal communicators and attentive listeners.  We believe that by developing children’s confidence and enjoyment of reading, we can more effectively challenge and encourage children towards excellence.

We aim to introduce a broad range of texts to students to develop key critical and communicative skills that contribute to their social and spiritual development, provide them with vital cultural capital to approach the world as young adults, and to inspire them to find their passions.  In addition, offer myriad opportunities for students to understand and become confident in presenting their ideas in a variety of ways.  As a school, we recognise the importance of students being able to place texts within their historical and cultural context and to recognise their cultural value within an enriching and balanced curriculum.  We recognise our vital role in developing our students’ vocabulary and ensure that they leave us with a sound knowledge of grammar and spelling as important tools for communication. 

From Early Years to Year 6, our English curriculum is organised to challenge all of our children and to ensure that learning is revisited and retained over time.  Individual lessons cumulatively build towards children building their substantive and disciplinary knowledge to learn more, remember and apply learning, and develop competency and fluency across all disciplines within English (speaking and listening, reading and writing).

English is a core subject of the National Curriculum and a prerequisite for educational and social progress as it underpins the work undertaken in all other areas of the curriculum.  The acquisition of language skills is of the utmost importance to us here at King Street and therefore the teaching of all aspects English is given a high priority within school. Confidence in basic language skills enables children to communicate creatively and imaginatively, preparing them for their future journey through education and beyond.