After School Care

A little bit about After School Care...

The After School Club runs for our King Street Primary and Pre-School children aged from 3-11 years old.
Due to the current situation we are running on reduced hours and are open from 3:05pm until 4:15pm at a cost of £4.
Under normal circumstances, each session costs £8.00 and is open from 3:05pm-5:45pm. A light tea/snack is provided whilst they are here.
The After School Care is managed by Miss S. Brown and she is supported by Miss Kate Starkie and Mr Paul Swift
Our relaxed safe environment offers the children an opportunity to experience a range of indoor and outdoor fun activities that can provide them with life skills, such as socialising, gardening and baking etc. We liaise closely with class teachers and plan activities linked to classroom learning, as well as offering a range of activities linked to the children's current interests and local and national events.
Parents Quotes...
"William and Elizabeth love After School Club, they moan if they are collected early! Fantastic Staff are always very helpful."

"Poppy thoroughly enjoys all of the interesting activities provided at After School Club. She loves spending time here :) "
"My children love to come to After School Club. It sounds like they have a lot of fun."
"William and Louis love After School Club - they moan if we pick them up too early! Fantastic range of activities and staff are brilliant!"
Children's Quotes...
"Its so cool here it should be called After cool Club!" Andrew.
"Scrumptious food... I want more" Josh.
"It's the best!" Max.
"I like the games the best" Hayden.
Join us for an after school adventure! Contact us for more information. :)