How children with SEN engage in all activities

We enable all children to engage fully in all aspects of school life. To do this, we:


  • Ensure that all children with SEND are fully included in the school curriculum and all activities involved in the wider life of the school in order to promote the highest levels of achievement. We liaise with the children, parents/ carers and professionals from other agencies to ensure that we adapt activities as we strive to ensure maximum engagement and achievement for all of our children, particularly including those with SEND.
  • Ensure every child has the entitlement to a sense of achievement by planning for and providing opportunities for all children to participate in activities where they are able to succeed. We celebrate this by consistently using rewards such as points, certificates, medals etc.
  • Ensure that children are rewarded, not just for high attainment but, for effort, progress, resilience, perseverance, determination and achieving the goals that children set for themselves. Our Friday Celebration Assemblies are linked to our Gem Powers – see our Learning Gems page for more information. We have a school ethos where everybody celebrates the achievement of others.

Over the past two years staff have received a variety of training including supporting pupils with ASC, social and emotional health needs and literacy difficulties.  Staff have also liaised with appropriate specialist professionals to gain advice in how to support pupils with SEN effectively.  Where required, school will purchase appropriate resources recommended by specialist professionals or borrow equipment from the Learning Library.