Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!
Our teacher is Miss Bell
This is my seventh year at King Street Primary, and I have a sneaking suspicion that it's going to be the best one yet!  After teaching in London for almost a decade, I moved back North to be closer to my family; and after 8 years teaching Year 6, I feel so lucky to have a new challenge!  I came back into Year 4 last year after having my little girl, Ivy, and I am also the Deputy Head.  
Our teaching assistant is Mrs Bott
This is Mrs Bott's fourth year at King Street as a TA, and she is very excited to be working with Year 4; she has already worked with lots of you, or your big brothers and sisters, when she was working in Year 1 and Year 6.  Mrs Bott is very creative and organised, and will be an amazing support to you all.
We are also supported in class by Mr Murdoch, who works across Years 4 and 5 giving extra help.
Our learning
This year, we have an exciting topic-based curriculum planned. We will be learning about our topics throughout every curriculum subject and thinking of our own questions to answer.  We will particularly be finding lots of opportunities to read about and discuss our different areas of enquiry.
Our new learning theme this Spring term is 'Climate Change', when we will be finding about the crisis facing our planet, what the many causes are, and most importantly - what we can do to help save the world!  We will work as geographers, meteorologists, researchers, engineers, mathematicians, zoologists, artists and so much more in our quest to ask the right questions and find solutions.  It's a huge and exciting area of learning, with something for every talent and area of interest, and I can't wait to see the creative problem-solving and passionate debate which will take place!
Our first main theme in Year 4 starting in the Autumn term was 'Invaders and Settlers', in which we learnt all about how Britain changed from 43AD (the invasion of the Romans) to 1066AD, including how the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings left their marks too! This is a fascinating area of learning, with so many different local links we can make - from Hadrian's Wall, to Lindisfarne.  We worked as historians, archaeologists, journalists, detectives, scientists, artists, geographers, engineers and so much more!  We learned and used a vast variety of skills to investigate and gain a deep understanding of how this period of time changed our country forever! 
Home Learning
Our new spellings and any other homework is set on a Monday, and is due to be returned/handed in by Friday.  This can sometimes be set online so make sure you have your login details.
Reading books need to be returned AT LEAST once a week, on Mondays - you can bring your book back at any other time too if you need to change.  Reading records should also be returned on Mondays, and should be signed at least three times a week.