If your child needs support with their social, emotional or mental health they can speak to any adult in school which will help them with their worries. Mrs Livesley is our specialist staff member who can help support more specific needs and can signpost children and their families to further support. Below is a list of contact numbers where additional support can be found.

Social, Emotional, Mental Health


At King Street Primary School, we recognise that children need a firm foundation of positive mental health in order to access the opportunities which our school offers. We want to teach our children how to be mentally healthy and resilient so that they can face challenges both at school and in the wider world with confidence.

Teaching SEMH skills has the potential to improve academic outcomes, keeps children safe and improves the mental well-being of pupils and future generations. These skills are taught across the curriculum as well as in stand alone lessons, class assemblies and, where appropriate, in small group and 1:1 interventions. Where there is a need for more specialised support and advice, we will always signpost children and families to the most appropriate resource.

We have an ethos of setting high expectations of attainment for all pupils with consistently applied support, tailored to each individual child where needed. We provide a nurturing environment that supports the whole child, and recognise that mental health and emotional wellbeing are as important as physical health.

We know that children’s mental health and wellbeing is a vital part of their ability to cope with life’s challenges: all children have ups and downs both in school and at home. By teaching children how to deal with uncomfortable feelings and talking openly about their worries and emotions, we equip them with the skills they will need to maintain a positive mental health.

SEMH lies at the heart of our school, children are supported by all staff members and recognition is given to children when they are using the skills that they have been taught. At King Street we know that being mentally healthy is not about being happy all of the time, but rather, about working through hard times and difficulties as well as sharing successes. Everyone, staff and children alike, should feel supported, valued and respected.