How we adapt the curriculum and learning environment for children & young people with SEN

We believe that inclusive education means supporting all pupils to learn, contribute and participate in all aspects of school life alongside their peers. Our curriculum includes, not only the formal requirements of the National Curriculum, but also a range of additional opportunities to enrich the experiences of our children. Our curriculum also includes the personal development aspects that are essential for life-long learning, personal growth and development of independence.


Some of the actions we may take to achieve this are:

  • Use a range of teaching and learning styles
  • Adapted learning materials
  • Access to ICT and technology
  • Additional in-class support
  • Interventions out of class where needed
  • Additional adult support during playtimes and lunchtimes to develop social skills and support any disagreements or challenging situations
  • SEMH support embedded into day to day classroom routines and resources
  • SEMH support available throughout the school day outside of the classroom
  • Enrichment and enjoyment opportunities to stimulate and motivate learning
  • Flexible groupings – including small group support work
  • An ambitious and supportive curriculum with a focus on time and space for retrieval practice and interleaving of subject areas to support children to recall and apply their knowledge and skills 
  • The appropriate use of rewards
  • Ensuring all our after school clubs can be adapted to suit any child’s needs
  • Regular reviews of the additional provision in place to ensure maximum impact and, where the impact is not as expected, adaptations to provision are made timely to increase the impact. 
  • Applications during national testing as KS2 to obtain access arrangements as appropriate
  • Working closely with parents, developing a culture of open communication and joint working to support their child in the most effective ways possible
  • With agreements from parents / carers, make referrals to external agencies for further support and put in place recommendations

Staff at King Street are highly skilled and receive training throughout the year. They work as a team across the school, sharing expertise and ideas and they also work closely with the SENCo to ensure adaptions and provision have maximum impact, with the aim of ensuring the children achieve the best possible outcomes across all areas of the curriculum.


More details on how we adapt information, our environment and curriculum can be found in the Accessibility Plan and our Accessibility Action Plan which can be found in the school policies section of our website.


At King Street, we ensure that all children are offered the opportunity to participate in activities outside the classroom and extra- curricular activities. We ensure that reasonable adjustments are made to enable children with SEND to access a full curriculum and to enrich the experiences of all pupils. We are prepared to seek advice, resources, equipment and training in order to provide high quality experiences for our children. Many settings offer support and advice in meeting the needs of children with SEND and offer specific risk assessments which are sent to the school prior to school outings or visits. As a school we ensure that suitable and accessible transport is provided and that comprehensive risk assessments cover travel arrangements to ensure that all children are safe during excursions.