Nigel the Tortoise

Nigel is a seven year old Hermann tortoise.  He was kindly donated to school by a friend of Miss Whitfield. 
He has been very popular among the children who have been learning about how to look after him. 
He likes nothing better than a warm bath, a brush of his shell and some dandelions to munch on.
When he is not at school, he likes to torment Miss Whitfield's and her pets at her house!
Nigel's Birthday!
On Tuesday 11th September it was Nigel's birthday.
We celebrated by decorating his home, making cards, having birthday cake and Nigel enjoyed some fresh dandelions from the Forest and some cucumber cake whilst wearing his fabulous birthday hat.
What a fantastic day!
Nigel’s summer holidays! 
Nigel enjoyed exploring his summer garden. Lots of places to climb!
Whilst our school was closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Nigel sent a message to our families through the Tapestry app.  Here are their replies.  
We love them!
It was a sunny day at King Street.  Nigel enjoyed eating some dandelions in the sunshine and the boys and girls enjoyed taking photographs of him with Miss Whitfield's camera!