Sports Premium

At King Street we are using our Sports Premium funding in a variety of ways to:


*develop teaching and learning in PE


*give children the opportunity to experience a range of sports, outdoor activities and residential visits. These take place in and out of school time.


*promote healthy and active lifestyles- physically and emotional health


*enable children to participate in competitive sport.


*develop important skills such as resilience, problem solving, independence and determination.


 Priorities and Actions for the academic year 2019/20:


Over their time in King Street, children study disciplines such as: basketball, cricket, gymnastics, athletics, dance and tag rugby. They will also participate in activities such as rock climbing, abseiling, canoeing, hill walking, pedal karting, archery and fencing through a program of expertly-led outdoor education from Weardale Activity Centre. The development of these skills culminates in opportunities to practice them in residential visits. Children at King Street Primary School are offered opportunities to compete in sports at local and county level and will have opportunities to train further at the highest levels. Children will develop their understanding of the importance of healthy lifestyles and that exercise can be a leisure activity or competitive sport. Children will have opportunities to excel in individual and team activities at low and high impact. Children will access quality resources  with qualified and experienced staff. We believe, and promote actively, that sport and exercise should be fun!

We will therefore:


*employ specialist sports coaches from a sports coaching company (SSP) and from experienced outdoor education instructors and forest school specialists (Real Adventure Through Sport).


*Purchase / develop resources needed in order to teach physical education as part of the national curriculum.


*Purchase / develop resources needed in order to promote physical development and active play outdoors.


*Purchase / develop resources needed in order to assess physical development and active play outdoors.


*Continue to raise the profile of an active and healthy lifestyle within our school.


*Provide opportunities for children to participate in additional competitions.


*Support whole school improvement actions on not only physical but also on well being and mental health.