Reception into Nature - Welly Wednesday (Summer 2023)

Week 1 - 19th April
This week was a wheely Wednesday rather than a Welly Wednesday!  First of all we completed a traffic survey using tally marks to show the different types of transport that passed our school.  We then walked a short distance to a quieter residential street around the corner to talk about crossing the road safely and practice our skills.  We remembered to stop, look listen and walk!
We looked at the different signs and their meanings on the way too!
Week 2 - 26th April
This week after reading Superworm, we collected wooly worms from around the garden and used ten frames to count them.  
We became 'wormologists' by learning some wonderful worm facts and then practised our use of positional language using our log seats to show: on top, behind, beside, between etc.