Coronavirus - absence from our EYFS Unit

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation and Government guidelines, I felt that it was important to create this page to offer support for you and your family if you are given advice to stay at home.
Information is changing all of the time, but updated information is always available at: 
We hope to add information and activities to this page that will help to keep learning going!  
Please don't feel anxious about 'teaching' your child at home. Just enjoy spending time together.  Trying to get your children to 'do work' will cause stress and anxiety for you both, and nobody needs that at the moment!
Children don't learn when they are feeling stressed and anxious and children learn a huge amount from day to day activities and through play!
Instead, cuddle up together and read, read, read!  Read as much as you can and talk about the stories you read.  Get your children to tell you stories by picking a character, a setting and an object. eg. an alien in school with a boomerang (the odder, the better!).  Play games, do a puzzle, build a fort, bake, paint, build lego together, look at photographs from when you were little and talk about them!
I have listed below lots of links to useful websites and lots of activities that can be looked at and a few that you can print off to use if you prefer.
I will continue to set weekly challenges and will be sending messages through your child's Tapestry account.  If you have not got log-in details, please email school and I will ensure that we need to get you up and running!
We would love you to add information to your child's Tapestry account to let us know what you have been up to and sharing those "wow" moments!  Staff will be signing in daily to keep in touch with what is going on at home. 
Stay safe and see you soon,
Louise Whitfield and the EYFS Team
Lots of our children have enjoyed using Now Press Play (the story-based activities using the pink headphones in school).  
You are now able to access stories from home.  Using headphones can block out any distractions but children do need to move around without restriction, so wired headphones are not ideal!  
The site can be accessed on via a phone, tablet or computer.  We do ask that children only listen to the activities designed for their age range as some of the older activities will be used as part of the curriculum in school.
          Password: nowpressplay
Useful websites for all EYFS children:
Activities suitable for Pre-School children: